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2. About Caribbean Coral Reefs
From glass-bottom boat tours to scuba diving, coral reefs are front and center among attractions of the Caribbean. The environmental conditions found in the Caribbean Sea have given rise to coral ...
3. Belize Documentary Film School - Faculty Cut

Promo video of a documentary film course taught in Belize by award winning film makers Richard and Carol Foster.

4. Belizean Activists Say Illegal Planting and Smuggling of GMO Soy An Act of Biopiracy
Belizeans Against GMOs (BAGMO) calls on the Government of Belize to recognize illegal smuggling and planting of GMO soy to be an act of Biopiracy.
7. Luxury Travel Misses The Point Oh, I love the idea of this article...there are so many adventures in Belize that don't require luxury, even if you have the money, think about adventure and the "real Belize' over luxury...   "...If you are unable to detach yourself from your wealth, your comfort and your entitlement for even a few days, then please just stay at home..." See on www.huffingtonpost.com
8. Volunteer For Construction And Gardening Projects In Belize alt
Volunteer Global connects travelers with volunteer abroad programs and their communities. Travel with us, or let us help you find the perfect trip! 
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